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Murder in Coweta County  
English Film [1:37:35]
[PG]: Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes


In 1948, in rural Georgia, Coweta County is watched over by its legendary, indomitable Sheriff Lamar Potts (Johnny Cash). No felony had ever gone unsolved while Sheriff Potts was in charge. In the next county, though, there is a vast estate known as 'The Kingdom'. It's ruled by one man, John Wallace (Andy Griffith), whose power is absolute and beyond the law.

Cast: Johnny Cash, Andy Griffith, Earl Hindman
Director: Gary Nelson
Producers: Dennis Nemec, Gary Nelson, Lloyd N. Adams Jr., Dick Atkins, J. Boyce Harman Jr., Michael Lepiner, Eric Weston
Writers: Dennis Nemec, Margaret Anne Barnes
Production companies: Telecom Entertainment Inc., The International Picture Show Company
Distributed by: Echelon Studios

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