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Malayalam Film [40:00]
[U]: Suitable for all ages


Thariode tells the story of gold mining in Thariode, one of the most ancient cities in a long, narrow coastline on the southwestern shoreline of the mainland Indian subcontinent called Malabar. Along with the accounts of Thariode, the film also explores the history of gold mining in the other areas of the Malabar district, which, in the 19th century, was part of the Madras Presidency in British India.

Main Cast: Historian K K N Kurup (Interview guest), Historian K K N Kurup (Interview guest)
DOP: Midhun Eravil
Music: Owain Hoskins
Produced by: Baby Chaithanya
Editing, Written & Directed by Nirmal Baby Varghese
Production company: Casablanca Film Factory

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